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Bicycle Cargo

While I was reading the results of the studies conducted in EU and Latin countries on bicycle courier service and cargo transportation by bicycle, I started to think about how little we use a very valuable resource for humanity. Just at this time, my eyes shifted to another news: “Delivery with drone has started”.

After reading the news that the Amazon e-commerce site is testing its customers to deliver their orders from the air with a drone, the first thing that came to my mind was that the sky does not belong to us only. I couldn't help but think about the impact of possible drone traffic on animals living in the sky. Because when we give a service or provide a new technological convenience, we do not think about the impact on other life in our planet. Today, we consume the planet as if it were our own, and we do not think about the next human generation, animals, birds, fish.

What are we doing to leave fresh air for our children to breathe? NOTHING...

From the coffee cup we drink in the morning (plastic, paper, porcelain), to the vehicle we use to commute to work or school, to our garbage habits, we make choices every moment. That’s why our choices become our habits in time.

We sometimes need to examine into our habits. So, why shouldn't our new choices become our new habits? In fact, if our habit does not harm the planet, we should share it with our friends around us. If I told you that 50% of the paperwork/cargo movement in the city centre can be done by bicycle, what would you think about it?

Here is an opportunity for you to make a change for our world. As you know, we want change. In fact, we are that change!

If we increase the use of bicycles, motor vehicle traffic in city centres will decrease and there will be "healthy" people around us.

In addition, thanks to bicycle delivery, there may be opportunities for university students to work part-time. Couriers with helmets and big smiles will knock on our door. Car drivers will have to be careful as there are more cyclists on the roads. Accidents will decrease. Also, injury and death rates will go off.

But most importantly, you know what? The motor noise and horn sound that overwhelms us in cities will decrease. Those who persuaded their boss to work with a bicycle courier after reading this article, please contact me. I would like to share this sensitive behaviour that people have practiced.

Companies can inspire each other in the same way that people inspire each other.

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